Quintessential Mailing Software Incorporated


Support - immediate, person to person, always at the same number - on top of every page!


Direct and Person to Person!

Always CALL first, if important or urgent!


No directories to search through;

No dispatcher or message router;

No voice messages to leave;

No support ticket to fill out;

No waiting or keypad selections;

No "digital assistant" and ...

No "text chatting" ... ever!


When you call, you get a person who:

a) can answer your question(s); or

b) will solve your problem(s); or

c) can put you in touch with the

person, who can do both a) and b)

 ... no exceptions!

No Matter When: We have you covered!

Whether you process under z/OS or
z/VSE, or a respective predecessor, you can
rest assured our tech support people will help!


If you use z/OS, we have systems-level people, who will answer your question(s).


If you use z/VSE, we have systems-level people, who will answer your question(s).


We're always here

ready for your call ... 24/7

What's Covered?

Everything - of course!


When you have solid, robust software that needs very little support, offering 24/7 support is easy because it will rarely be needed.


There is no extra cost for our all day,
every day, support! Our customers deserve

it. (We remember those late nights and

weekends when no one was available

to help us!)


If there should ever be a serious problem, you can speak directly with our products' authors!


eMail Us

Always CALL first, if important or urgent!


Technical Support


Corporate FAX: 530.459.3191

We prefer text or PDFs, in eMail, over FAX

Support Locations


Western Region

5800 Ager Beswick Rd
Montague, CA 96064-9423

Eastern Region

1015 Sunstone Ct
Leland, NC 28451-7005


Pursuing a reputation of "Great software and support at unbelievable prices!"