QMSI is dedicated to developing postal software exclusively for IBM Mainframes.

ONLY ONE postal software can give you the SAVINGS, features and hardware benefits that no other software can.

Because every other postal software vendor has written their products to be multi-platform!

QMSI eliminates the MSU charges you pay for processing on a GP - by running CASS on a zIIP!


QMSI uses native Data Spaces for USPS data - eliminating the costly overhead of VSAM files.


QMSI uses 50-75% less CPU for CASS processing than our rivals - with speed beyond comparison - while allowing more concurrent tasks to run. And ...


QMSI allows you to grow your licensed CPUs without a cost increase for its software products!


Find out how easy it really is to get all of these benefits and savings with NO SALES PRESSURE. Call us, for the facts and any other info you would like to have.

Accuracy of QMSI products translates into high quality pieces in the mail, helping to diminish the USPSĀ® "UAA" (Undeliverable As Addressed) problem
that hurts everyone.

Pursuing a reputation of "Great software and support at unbelievable prices!"