As the first and only California Corporation dedicated to the exclusive support of IBM

Mainframes, for which we develop and distribute Postal Software, we are very proud

of the historical posture we have in our home state ... and we look forward to helping

many State, County and City Agencies through our CMAS (California Multiple Award

Schedule) Contract:


Number 3-15-70-3186A which has as its base our GSA Schedule GS-35F-005CA

Our CMAS Contract Term is: June 16, 2015 -- December 30, 2019

(Please click the link above to read/see entire contract)


For California Sales and Quotes please call: Tim Gregerson at 866.284.1001

or eMail Tim at: tim@qmsi.software ... for immediate attention.


QMSI Proprietary Software Products: (please follow the links)

- USPS CASS Certified Address Management program in CMAS and GSA

- USPS PAVE Certified presort program (not yet in CMAS or GSA)

- CICS/IMS sub-second response address query transactions for QCODE


CMAS Product and Service Codes: Brand - QMSI; Software - Postal

QCODE can be found in

QMSI can be found in


We are also very proud to offer our Federal Government Agencies our QCODE product

through the GSA Advantage under Contact Number GS-35F-005CA.

Our GSA Contract Period is: October 01, 2014 -- September 30, 2019

(Please click the link above to read/see more about our GSA contract)


We have very unique pricing - and long term cost structures, which are not directly

related to either MIPS or MSUs. In fact, we are the only postal software vendor that

is willing to eliminate your MSU charges for your QCODE processing.


As we grow - expanding our relationships with the GSA at the federal level, our home state, California, and other states, counties and cities across the US, we hope to continue to find great people and new friendships, like those we have made to date. And, we will continue to pursue our goal, stated below, for every prospective customer - corporate or government.


Pursuing a reputation of "Great software and support at unbelievable prices!"